Purchasing a product Ecosnacks:

1. Using bank cards Visa / Mastercard.

Delivery is carried out within 2 hours.

2. Return of the order, according to the bank's requirements, up to 3 business days. Pasha Bank.

Other banks will refund your money within 5 business days. Please don't forget these details.


For any questions, advice on choosing a product, you can directly contact the hotline.


Read the user agreement.

Communication methods:

You can contact us at +994704218721

You can also write a letter to

Frequently asked Questions.
Payment and delivery.

How are Ecosnacks products delivered?
Once the order has been completed, our staff will contact you and the order will be confirmed after confirmation. Then your order (dried fruits, vegetables, meat products) will be delivered.

What are the payment methods?
Bansko cards. Payment by Visa or MasterCard is possible.

What shipping methods are available?
We deliver your orders to selected metro stations or to the address you specified when placing your order.
You can see Ecosnacks products on other delivery platforms.

When do you deliver your order?

Delivery is carried out within 2 hours after confirming your order.

Order and return

How to make an order?
On our store page, you add the product of your choice to the cart and then go from the cart page to the order page. You place an order by filling in the required fields in the payment section.

Do I need an account to place an order?
No, you can order by simply entering the required information in the appropriate fields in the "Order" section.

How can I contact you?
If you have any questions or questions, you can write to us on the following social networks and contact the hotline.

How can I cancel or change my order?
To cancel or change your order, please contact us prior to delivery. To do this, we simply ask you to enter your order code. You can receive the code in all emails we send you regarding your order.

How can I track my order?
To fulfill an order, you need to go to the "Complete Order" page in the main menu. You will be prompted to enter your order code and email address that you provided when placing your order. You can get a code and email from all emails we send you in connection with an order.

How do I return an order?
To do this, you must first contact us. The label cannot be removed or damaged so that we can return the item.

We wish you a healthy life!

Sincerely, Ecosnacks team.

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