Privacy Policy

On this page you can learn more about the information collected by the Ecosnacks platform and how this information is used. The Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use and is a legal document that is important for users of the platform to read.

Ecosnacks (hereinafter referred to as "Ecosnacks" or "we") contains information about the user, as well as information about the rights of the user.

The actual user agrees to use their information within this privacy policy. Use of the system will be treated as agreement with the provisions of the privacy policy. We strongly encourage you to read our privacy policy.

The user confirms that he / she is at the age (at least 16 years old) that he / she can agree to use his / her data using the system. If the user is young (13-16 years old), he / she must confirm his / her consent to use his / her data with the permission of his / her parents.

By entering your personal information into the system, you confirm that you have entered your information voluntarily and unequivocally for the use of our service. Use and protection of data are governed by the following provisions. You may waive your consent at any time.

Terms and concepts.

Personal information - is information about a certain individual under a contract with the user of the Service.

Agreement - is a licensed agreement between the User and Owbike, posted at, duly approved by the User and legally binding on Ecosnacks and the User.

The service is a software package posted on the website Features of the service include: texts, graphic design elements, images, video materials, computer programs and other services created during intellectual activity.

User - legal entities and individuals who have adopted the laws of the service and use the service at

Other terms and explanations you come across in the text are explained by the relevant laws that are formed on the Internet and regulate the processing of personal data.

1. Collected personal information

1.1. We collect and store information in our activities based on the Azerbaijan Republiс General Data Protection Rules.

1.2. Based on the principle of "data minimization", we collect only enough information to ensure easy use. When a user uses the system, we collect 2 types of personal information:

Personal information

Information collected by the system

1.3.1.Personal information. This information is the information entered by the user into the system during registration.

The information required by the user to use the service includes:

E-mail address;

In addition, you can add to the system:

Telephone number; +994704218721

Name: Ecosmacks

The inclusion of this information is not necessary for the use of the system, but we would like to note that this type of information significantly simplifies the use of the Service. For example, using the phone will allow you to respond more quickly to your requests.

1.3.2 General information - this information does not contain information about a specific person and is automatically collected during registration and use of the service.

1.3.3 The information collected by the system includes:

Information obtained through cookies, information obtained from web browser analysis and web server logs, information obtained through web beacons and other similar tools and technologies.

Information about the devices used by the user when using the service, device operating system, model, browser type, system settings, language used by the user on the device, geodata (country, region definition), telecommunication operator, time zone of the user's device.

Motion logs stored on the server, IP-addresses of devices used by users when logging in, login time, service usage sequence, session information, system login response time, download errors.

Information about the account (s) used by the user on social networks (depending on the settings established by the user in the privacy rules of the social network account). This way, we can get information about your area of interest, as well as a link to your photo, depending on the permission you give.

Other unspecified information, depending on your permission.

1.4. The user accepts and agrees that in some cases we are his

2. Ways of collecting personal information

2.1. The legal basis for the collection of personal information is the consent of the user to the collection and storage of information about him, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Resolution 6 of the General Data Protection Rules of the Azerbaijan Rupublic.
2.2. Personal information is collected by us from the moment the user is registered.
2.3 General information is collected during the use of the system.
3. Purposes of collecting personal information
3.1. We use personal information for the following purposes:
3.1.1. During access to the service and its subsequent use.
3.1.2. When improving the service, facilitating its use, adjusting the necessary parameters, based on experience and difficulties, taking into account the general and individual wishes.
3.1.3. Providing technical support, return, as well as forwarding of notifications, sending inquiries and information related to the use of the service. (Sending notifications, information on security issues, changing the terms and conditions of use.)
3.1.4 Preparation of a statistical table in the form of a summary, monitoring and analysis of the use of the service and the tendency of users to move within the service.
3.1.5. In our opinion, sending advertising information to the e-mail address or mobile phone, sending notifications about products, services, promotions and other information and news that may be of interest to the user.
3.1.6. Detection, investigation and prevention of fraud and other violations, as well as protection of the rights and property of Ecosnacks and its users.
3.1.7. Compliance with all the above laws.
3.2. User information will not be used for any purpose other than those listed above.
3.3. The User acknowledges that the use of personal information is in his / her best interest. The consent given for the use of the information is provided in Article 3.1 of the Agreement. issued for the purposes specified in paragraph.

4. Disclosure of personal information

4.1 We are responsible for the non-transfer of users' personal information to third parties, except as provided below.
4.1.1. Express direct and concrete consent to the disclosure of the user's personal information;
4.1.2. If such information is necessary for the use of the service;
4.1.3. Fulfillment of obligations arising from the agreement and other documents concluded between the user and us.
4.1.4. When information is needed to transmit the service and ensure its functionality. (When sending information to hosting, when sent to a cybersecurity system, when making payments, when using web analytics, in order to prevent fraud, when it is necessary to comply with the requirements, e-mail distribution and in monitoring the system, measuring productivity and optimizing data, using advertising and marketing services). Full or partial use of information by third parties depends on their role in maintaining and ensuring the performance of the system. In addition, they may use the information only for the purposes specified in the confidentiality agreement.
4.1.5. The transfer of personal information to the competent authorities (courts, law enforcement agencies) is carried out within the existing laws. If we are required by law to disclose information, we will comply with the requirements of the law.
4.1.6. When part or all of the service is transferred (sold) to the new owner.
4.1.7. The transfer of personal information is used to ensure the legitimate interests of us or third parties in case the user violates the privacy policy of the service or other related laws. Disclosure of personal information in the above cases cannot be considered as unauthorized use.
4.2. We will not sell users' personal information to third parties.
4.3. The information is provided only within the framework of our privacy policy and applicable laws.

5. Storage and transmission of information.

5.1. We store the processed information of the user, the information of the site owners and their users on the Google Cloud Platform, in other words, on the Google servers. The storage and processing of users' personal information is carried out either directly by us or by third parties who specialize in this work, however, such persons must store and protect personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

Note and rule: information about the Customer's bank card is not stored on the site.

6. Use of observation technologies.
6.1. We always use surveillance technologies to facilitate the use of our service by users, as well as to ensure the operation of the service, to monitor and improve the system. We use several such technologies for default observation and user identification. The technologies are used for the following purposes: to ensure the security of the session and the user, to take into account the wishes of the user, to check the stability of the connection, to monitor the productivity of the service and marketing campaigns, to ensure and improve our service.

7. User rights.
As part of our privacy policy, each user has the following rights:

7.1.1. The right to receive information about personal information. In order to ensure this right, the service has a section on personal information. This section contains all the information we received from the person. The user can access this section at any time to see what information we have about him. At the request of the user, he can obtain complete information about himself (how he stores the information we collect about the user, whether the information is disclosed, which third parties have access to the information, for how long) by contacting us.
7.1.2. The right of correction. The user has the right to edit by accessing his personal page at any time. If there is a problem with the correction, he can contact us. We, in turn, will make the necessary changes as soon as possible. The user also has the right to provide partial information about himself, which should not be less than the information that needs to be entered.
7.1.3. Suspension of data processing. The user may revoke the data processing permit at any time. Withdrawal of user data processing does not affect the legitimacy of data processing. Consent to the processing of personal data is as easy as withdrawal. The user can contact us at any time regarding the deletion of his personal account, and we, in turn, will respond to the request as soon as possible. In the event of changes to personal information or withdrawal of consent, we will notify third parties who have access to the system.
7.1.4. Right of deletion. The user has the right to request the deletion of personal information. We, in turn, are obliged to fulfill this requirement if:

if personal information is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected;
if the owner of the information withdraws his consent to the processing of personal data;
if personal information has been processed illegally;
if personal data must be deleted in accordance with the law.

8. Retention period of personal information
8.1 We reserve the right to keep your information for the period of your use of the service (as long as your account exists), as long as we need this information for the optimal service of our service, or as long as the law provides. (if we have a legal obligation to resolve disputes, in order to prevent fraud and abuse, in order to protect our interests)

9.0. Information security
9.1. We take all necessary and sufficient measures within the law to protect your personal information. Personal information is protected: from illegal access, copying, destruction, alteration, blocking, dissemination of your personal information, illegal actions of third parties. We protect the protection of your personal information in accordance with the standards of information security in this area and try to ensure maximum protection of your data. The protection of personal information is automatically included in the system due to the default level. Security measures include data encryption, data minimization, access to personal information at any time, and system troubleshooting. We constantly monitor our systems: to find possible vulnerabilities, to protect personal information, to increase the effectiveness of organizational and technical measures, and we are always looking for new ways and service organizers to protect the security of our service and the confidentiality of our users. All third parties who have access to the information comply with the privacy laws in accordance with the above standards.
9.2. However, we cannot guarantee you absolute protection, so we urge you to be careful. Set a secure password and avoid using sensitive information that could harm you.
9.3. In case of violation of the confidentiality of personal information, we take all possible measures to eliminate and minimize the damage, while informing the user and the relevant authorities with the information at our disposal. Information about such events is collected in a special register.
9.4. Violation of confidentiality of personal information is understood as:
Loss, alteration, accidental or unlawful destruction, unauthorized disclosure or processing of personal information.

10. Making changes to the privacy policy

10.1. The current privacy policy, its explanation and other related claims and disputes are governed by the laws of our company, without regard to conflicts of interest.
10.2. With the current privacy policy, you agree to resolve all disputes through the courts in the area where our company is located.
10.3. We reserve the right to make changes to the site's privacy policy at any time. If we consider the changes to be significant (based on our personal decision), we will notify you before the changes take effect.
10.4. Follow this channel of our system to be aware of changes and current information Unless otherwise specified, our current privacy policy applies to all personal information we hold about you.

11.Contact us and answer questions
11.1. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us at any time via
11.2. We will respond to your requests within a reasonable and legal time.
11.3. If our privacy policy and laws require us to provide you with any documents in hard copy, we will provide you with one copy free of charge, and we reserve the right to request funds for any additional copies, subject to administrative costs. If you send us a request to provide you with information in electronic form and you have not received another request, we will send you that information in a wide electronic format.
11.4. If the user's requests are unreasonable and excessive, especially due to their repetition, we may demand payment of an acceptable amount or refuse to respond to the request.
11.5. In some cases, if we have a conscious suspicion against a person, we may request additional information from the person who sent the request, which is important for identification.


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